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Hello Wrestling fans and EWSY followers. As all of you now, El Wrestling Según Yo interviewed Chavo Guerrero. Well, that interview was in spanish version, but now that we have Lockdown approaching, we give you the interview in english version. Enjoy it.

- Richard (Latino heat): Which reasons made you a Pro Wrestler?

- Chavo Guerrero: I was born into the Lucha Libre lifestyle. Gory Guerrero was a Pro Wrestler, and that was everything I wanted to be. I mean, I was born being a Pro Wrestler.

Richard (Latino heat): What do you love the most of Professional Wrestling?

- Chavo Guerrero: The fans. It's all about the fans.

- Richard (Latino heat): If you have to retire...which opponent would you choose for your last match?

- Chavo Guerrero: I would choose Rey Mysterio, because I have a lot of history and a lot of matches with him. So, if I have to retire... I would choose Rey Mysterio for my last match in wrestling.

- Richard (Latino heat): What are your thoughts about TNA's Pay Per Views reduction?

- Chavo Guerrero: It' s a very good idea, because with this new project we will give better storylines for the fans... that's what they want... high quality storylines. This is not like the WWE, that they have a lot of Pay Per Views, and sometimes, the quality of their histories goes down. If you have a a lot of PPV's, you get much money but you lose quality. That's the reason I like this new project of TNA. We will have better storylines and better events. 

- Richard (Latino heat): We all now that the Road to Lockdown has begun and we all now that it is a very dangerous PPV too. Do you train harder for this Pay Per View?

- Chavo Guerrero: First of all, I'm Pro Wrestler, not a bodybuilder. It means that I need a different  diet and a different training. If you have a match in Lockdown you have to train harder because Lockdown is not the traditional Steel Cage match... It's more extreme.

- Richard (Latino heat): What do you have planned to do in TNA in a future?

- Chavo Guerrero: Well, I have planned to entertain the fans and of course, I want to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion in a future. 

- Richard (Latino heat): We would love to see a TNA iMPACT Wrestling show here in Spain. Do you think it could become into reality in a close future? Maybe in a distant future?

- Chavo Guerrero: I don't know really. I would love to go to Spain with TNA. I have been there with the WWE and it was an awesome experience.

- Richard (Latino heat): Differences between WWE and TNA?

- Chavo Guerrero: There're some differences between WWE and TNA. In TNA's backstage you can feel the happiness in the air. The crowd is very different too. And also, in WWE you cannot take a break because you are always working or traveling around the world. TNA is more peaceful. Those are the biggest differences between these companies.

- Richard (Latino heat): Which one of all your matches is your favourite?

- Chavo Guerrero: Well, there're a lot of matches but if I have to choose one of them, I would say that my favourite match is the one where I became the World Tag Team Champion with mi uncle Eddie Guerrero defeating Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio and Edge.

- Richard (Latino heat): Which one of the young talents do you see with a great future?

- Chavo Guerrero: I think that Kenny King and Zema Ion are the future of this company.

- Richard (Latino heat): Will we see more Guerreros someday?

- Chavo Guerrero: Well I have two kids but they want to go to school. If they want to be Pro Wrestlers someday I will help them with it. There're some others Guerreros, but Pro Wrestling is a tough business.

- Richard (Latino heat): Do you have any message for all your fans here in El Wrestling Según Yo?

- Chavo Guerrero: Yes, thanks to all of you for your support and....VIVA LA RAZA!

Chavo and I also talked about his matches in the Cruiserweight Division in the WCW, his desire to be here in Spain with TNA and at the end of the interview he showed his gratitude with all the fans that supported him here.

This is it my friends. I hope you have enjoyed this interview. Like I always say, it was a pleasure and I wait your comments. Thanks people for your time. Good Night everyone.

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